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Who I am

Hello & Welcome everybody!
I'm happy to see you on my Homepage, and I hope that my page can answer all of your questions. In case they don't - Ask me!
First things first: My 'real' name is Jan-Morris, but everybody just calls me Jamo, because it's way easier. And it sounds better I think.
I got my first Computer when I was just seven years old. My interest in Computers, and especially how this strange grey box works, grew very fast since that day.
My first contact with skripting came in around 2010. Leon, my best friend, told me about this thing called batch. So I started to dive deeper into that thing.
Later my Stepdad told me about this thing called delphi, which 'allows you to create desktop applications thru a simple interface'. And than I got to learn HTML and CSS in school.

Long story short: I love to learn and explore new techniques to solve problems and to create something awesome.

What I do

My first contact with HTML was in school. Since than I was highly interested in HTML, CSS and JS. I wanted to learn everything about creating Websites.
PHP Development
I wanted to create an E-Mail form on a website in 2016. I understood that I need this thing called 'PHP' in order to make that happen. Thats when I started to learn.
Hardware Tasks
Working with Arduinos, and later Raspberries, was always something I was interested in. My hardware interest started really early, because a friend of mine owned the first ever LEGO Mindstorm.
Media Design
Media Design is an essencial skill in my opionion. Especially if it comes to designing Web-Pages before you even think about touching code. I also want to be able to create Logos and other Illustrations.


I try to make some videos here and there. My Videos are meant to be a bit educational, but I also put some VLOG elements indside of 'em.
You can watch my latest video. It is proudly presented to you by my PHP Youtube Query.
It would be awesome if you could share my channel with your friends. Just in case you enjoy my content.
I speak german in all of my videos, but I can also make some english videos if that request exists. You cann tell me your opinion on this topic thru the mail form below!

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Future Targets

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